I believe that I will be echoing other parents’ feelings by mentioning some great benefits for our children who took part in different Owlypia challenges. My son, Emir Ibrahimov from Azerbaijan participated at Owlypia this spring and his first experience was very successful since he won the silver medal and took 6th place. You can imagine his reaction when he knew about results and how his initial concerns have transferred to self- esteem and sincere happiness. I think you can also imagine my feelings and other parents’ reaction when we see our children feel proud of what they do and achieve.

We all want our children to be successful with the ability to keep family values such as respect, hard work, responsibility, kindness and creativity. So, I was very impressed by how our family values were reflected in Owlypia materials and how all content was designed to make e-learning simpler and very effective. So, all benefits of e-learning are reflected in Owlypia content such as accessibility, up-to-date content and the most important it’s entertaining and interesting to all ages. This experience came at the right time since we had quarantine restrictions like in other countries and my son had a chance to gain something positive in a frame of challenging circumstances and we have a positive story to tell and share with our friends and family.

I am very confident that all above-mentioned benefits will support Owlypia to become very popular and appreciated by many children and parents all over the world and it will contribute to successful future of our new generation who will live in other world which we call our new ‘normal’ life.

Written by Dilara Ibrahimova, Parent