Owlypia School Clubs can be established in any school with the help of a supervisor/teacher. The supervisor would provide support and guidance to student members of the club. In Owlypia School Clubs students have the opportunity to join extracurricular activities that not only help them improve their soft skills but also provide a great platform for socializing and having fun with their peers.

The supervisor together with the students can make their own plan and goals for the club but our suggestions are as follows:

  • The Owlypia Club should last one academic year during which students can participate in Owlypia Online, Local, and/or Global competitions.
  • Students should meet once or twice a week.
  • The activity plan, organization, and rules should be decided by the founding members and the supervisor.
  • The list of resources of Owlypia should be shared with everyone in the club.
  • As Owlypia challenges are based on speaking, writing, reading, and listening, the club activities should cover all these skills through various fun and engaging activities such as debates, impromptu speeches, writing stories and essays, brainstorming, quizzes on reading materials and so on.
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Guidelines for Teachers/Supervisors

Teachers/Supervisors should encourage their students to take part in Owlypia Club and underline the importance of joining an academic club in their future careers.

Teachers/Supervisors are the people that guide students to learn more about their favourite subjects, improve their soft skills and critical thinking through Owlypia. Students in the club may be divided into different teams based on their favourite subjects. Teachers/Supervisors need to look into the resources first to decide on the important parts to work on in the club. There will be books, movies, videos, articles and research topics to study; however, it is recommended to bring more resources related to Owlypia’s theme into the club.

Teachers/Supervisors may use Owlypia resources on our website as club materials. Bringing authentic and up-to-date resources into the club will attract students’ attention and increase their curiosity.

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