Owlypia is back!

by Noah Cashian, August 2018

Owlypia is back! Last year we were all brimming with curiosity about the new online competition; now, we’re excitedly anticipating its return. As ever, with a new year comes a new theme: ‘Creativity: Beyond the Borders’.

But what is Owlypia, exactly? Those of you who have heard about The Intellectual’s Challenge might have an idea. It’s an online competition open to anyone and everyone – everywhere. If that sounds impressive, you might be asking yourself another question… How can Owlypia cater for so many  budding students and their multifarious interests? It’s easy. The competition has five very broad subject areas ranging from social sciences, art and literature to science, economics and business. Of these, you select your absolute favourite and begin your own independent research using our specially selected  resources.

Once you have a browse over what each subject offers, you’ll notice that Owlypia’s suggested study materials cover a range of media; films, books, articles, blogs and even the odd vlog all feature and are easily accessible from your smart device. The low-cost registration fee basically pays for itself through these free resources! And that’s assuming that you don’t even win a weighty top prize…

During the Owlypia online test, you can expect eighty questions on your chosen ‘favourite subject’ and about twenty other questions on the ‘common ground’ topic – so make sure you read up on that (not that the videos packed in there aren’t enticing enough). And last (but by no means least), all of this can be found at www.owlypia.org

But why should you get involved? There’s quite a few reasons, so I’ll start the ball rolling here. Building on the annual theme of creativity, everyone who joins in is not only going to meet new people with fresh perspectives, but will also open up a whole new world of opportunity. As I’m sure that you will, like me, discover a variety of fascinating facts about your capacity for creative thinking in the study materials, you will undoubtedly put this all to good use in later (and present-day!) life. Perhaps most importantly, Owlypia is all about how you develop as a person and your footprint in the wider scheme of things – there’s no better investment that anyone can make. And let’s not forget those prizes!

The next Owlypia competitions are scheduled for 24 November 2018 and 16 March 2019. If you’re interested, hop over to the website and have a look around – all the study resource lists are there to poke around in, and there’s loads more information on the competition as a whole. Hopefully, we’ll see you later!

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