Why Is Owlypia an Online Competition?

by Katie Roach, August 2018

You may be wondering why we have chosen to host this competition online. There are a variety of reasons that I will explain now.

Firstly, we want The Intellectuals’ Challenge  to be accessible to as many people as possible. If we can’t bring the competition to your country physically, then this online competition named Owlypia is the perfect introduction to the great TIC experience. This way, anyone with a computer can take part and that accounts for a large amount of people! As our aim is to encourage as many young people as possible to be interested in academia and to have fun while doing so, hosting Owlypia online is the best way to do this.

Secondly, hosting the competition online allows for costs to be lower. This means even more people are able to join as the cost is so low. It is simply the case that to host a competition in person costs money. We can’t cover this cost unfortunately, thus it costs to take part. However, the cost of an online competition is much lower and thus the participant does not have to fork out as much money.

Thirdly, an online competition means it is not just accessible but it is also easy to take part. This means it is not difficult to be an Exam Centre, or to take part as a participant. With everything being done online, the competition is all in one place. Thus, the registration, the links to the competition questions on the day, and the carrying out of the competition itself are all online and therefore easy to access.

Finally, we are committed to helping to shape the new generation of intellectuals. It simply wouldn’t make sense to ignore the technological advances that are and will be extremely important to this future generation. So, making use of this technological progress in the form of making the competition solely online can only be beneficial. We want our competition to keep up with technology and essentially be at the forefront of educational services; hosting an international competition online seems to be the way forward.

As the internet allows us to host an international competition as easily and smoothly as it does, and the competition itself is fun and educational, why wouldn’t you take part?

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