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Owlypia Local Coordinators (formerly known as Regional Coordinators) are business partners who operate on behalf of the company in their countries/local area. Owlypia Local Coordinators receive commissions according to their contribution.

Owlypia would like to work closely with Local Coordinators across the globe that will arrange Owlypia competitions.
The Local Coordinators would help us organise the Owlypia competitions in each city/state and/or country.
Upon your application, the Owlypia Team will contact you.

Job Description:

  • Contact the schools and students.
  • Introduce and promote Owlypia competitions in your country.
  • Arrange Owlypia Online at approved OWEX centres.
  • Collaborate with local Owlypia Ambassadors.
  • Host/Organise the local onsite competitions if requested by Owlypia.

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