Become an Official Owlypia Exam Centre

Owlypia Exam Centres are partner schools/institutions that provide secure venues for the students participating in Owlypia Online Competitions. These partners arrange appropriate exam rooms with wired or wireless internet connection and dedicated staff (teachers/supervisors) to invigilate the exam.

The upcoming Owlypia Online competitions will be held in June 2020 and August 2020 with the theme: “Leadership: Inspire Change”.

Please click here to see Owlypia Exam Centre brochure.

We kindly remind you to take time zone differences into consideration. Registrations are OPEN for all competitions now.

We are happy to see your interest in becoming an Owlypia Online Exam Centre. In order to conduct a successful competition, we require certain information about the facilities at your school/institution. Please fill out the application form to assist us in this matter. With your valued cooperation, we are looking forward to inspiring intellectual curiosity and academic confidence in young minds. Let’s unlock their potential together!