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Owlypia is designed with the explicit purpose of nurturing the academic prowess of participants. Our comprehensive materials for each subject encourage students to develop their capacity for independent research. The materials we select are of the highest calibre and provoke in students a desire to broaden their range of intellectual inquiry. Regardless of where one is ranked at the end of the competition, and which prizes are due, all participants will have developed essential skills for higher education and the workplace.

Anyone aged 11-18 can sign up for Owlypia, whether or not they are still in full-time education – we do not believe that inquisitive minds should be hampered by institutional restraints or misfortune. However, in the absence of supervision at an accredited exam centre (schools/institutions), you cannot take the exam on your own.

There are two age groups in Owlypia:
Owlets: Any student born on or after 1 September 2004 will be considered as an Owlet in 2018-2019 Season.
Owlys: Any student born before 1 September 2004 will be considered as an Owly in 2018-2019 Season.

The Owlypia participation fee is £20 – students can register for the competition up to one week before the exam dates. Participants must provide a valid email address to become their personal login information and be able to travel to their nearest exam centre to take part. You must register as part of a group, with a teacher/supervisor.

All Owlypians are required to register for the competition through an exam centre. It is not possible to partake in the competition at home due to the absence of official supervision.

Our team partners up with cooperative schools and institutions to provide exam centres. For more information on the benefits of becoming an Owlypia Exam Centre, please visit Owlypia Exam Centres page or download the brochure here.

Aside from the compulsory ‘Common Ground’, we have five subjects from which to choose: Social Sciences, Art & Design, Science & Technology, Literature & Culture, and Economics & Business. Each student is expected to pick one of these as their ‘favourite subject’.

The names of the books and films and all the links for video and article/blog resources can be found for each subject on our website. On the other hand, no links are available for the three people whose lives should be explored under each subject and all participants are encouraged to do thorough research on their lives.

‘Common Ground’ is a special area which accounts for 20% of the Owlypia test. The ‘Common Ground’ resources must be studied alongside any favourite subject choice and cannot be chosen as a standalone option.

Any combination of the articles, books, videos, films, blogs and research topics which we highlight online in our resources section is possible during the competition. We therefore advise that all materials are covered to ensure sufficient preparation along with the Common Ground.

This gift card relates to our other enterprise – ‘The Intellectuals’ Challenge (TIC)’. This highly successful competition is open to young people aged 11-18 and consists of Local Challenges and Global Challenges, with the latter seeing participants invited to prestigious institutions in the UK, USA, Australia and Switzerland. For further guidance on this exciting opportunity, please see our website: https://www.intellectualschallenge.org/

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