Guidelines for Owlypia ONLINE 

The Owlypia Online Competitions will take place at 09.00 AM GMT+0.

Please consider any time difference and make sure to be ready with your device and internet connection at least 10 minutes before the Owlypia starts.

All participants are expected to take the competition at their own homes.

BRIEF SUMMARY: The Owlypia test is taken online using a smartphone, tablet, laptop or a computer which must be connected to the internet for 90 minutes. It is comprised of 90 multiple-choice questions. 

Important Guidelines

  1. By entering the Owlypia, the students agree to abide by these rules and the decisions of the Owlypia contest, without appeal.
  2. Make sure that you have a good internet connection. Moreover, you are recommended to have 3G/4G connections on their devices just in case.
  3. Participants receive their access link to login individually in their emails. Moreover, access links will also be available to the supervisors.
  4. Owlypia assumes that the candidate is responsible for all infrastructure requirements, power supply and the Internet connection. Students will have to ensure access to a smartphone, tablet, laptop or a desktop computer.
  5. If in any circumstances, the candidate is unable to complete the contest within the allotted time, the completed answers will be taken as the final submission for evaluation.
  6. The questions cannot be copied and/or conveyed or shared online, in written or recorded form, or in any other manner with anyone.

The Prizes

  1. All prizes are announced on our website and social media platforms. There are 225 prizes for the Owlypia Online; 75 for Owlins, 75 for Owlets and 75 for Owlys.
  2. Prize winners and their rankings are announced on our social media accounts within 2 weeks after the competition. Please follow us if you haven’t already!
  3. The prizes must be claimed in 30 days upon the announcement of results; otherwise, the prize winners will not be able to get them later.
  4. The prizes must be accepted as described on our website and cannot be transferred to another person or substituted for another prize.
  5. The certificates of participation and achievements will be sent to students’ individual e-mails and to their supervisors’ email addresses.

Code of Conduct

  1. Participants should answer all the questions to the best of their abilities without getting help from anyone or anything.
  2. No external help from books, online resources, mobile or parental guidance should be taken while taking Owlypia.
  3. Contestants cannot use electronic or printed dictionaries to look up anything.
  4. Before the test, students must close all programs or apps except the Owlypia browser window. Contestants cannot open any other browsers or windows by the end of the test.
  5. The Owlypia system is well equipped to track the use of browser activity and/or any attempt from copying or cheating.
  6. Contestants who are caught in any kind of cheating will be immediately disqualified from the Owlypia.
  7. Contestants are not allowed to carry any study material during the test.

Please send all your enquiries to in case you have some problems during the Owlypia.

Instructions for the Contestants

During the test

  • You must answer 90 multiple choice questions in 90 minutes (1 hour 30 minutes).
  • Once you click on the start button, you will have 90 minutes to complete the test.
  • All 90 questions come from your favourite subject.
  • You cannot skip any question.
  • You cannot use a dictionary or another resource to get help.
  • You will not be able to return to the questions you have answered.
  • All questions and answer options are randomised.
  • NEVER click the “Back” button of your browser. Click the “Next question” button to submit your answer and go to the next question.
  • If you encounter any internet connection problems during the test you can easily refresh the page and continue the test from where you left off.
  • There are no penalties for wrong answers.
  • Please use your time carefully and just select the correct option which you think fits best.
  • The remaining time will be shown as a bar in the upper-right corner of the screen.

After the test

  • After the completion of the test, Certificates of Participation and Achievement will be sent to students’ and supervisors’ e-mail addresses within 2-3 weeks.)
  • Top 25 results from each subject and age category are announced on our social media accounts. Please follow us if you haven’t already.
  • All discount codes and prizes must be claimed by the announced deadlines on our website.