Owlypia Fast Track Guidelines

Hey there, Owlypians!

Get Set for the Fast Track!

Start Time: 09.00 AM GMT+0. Check your local time so you’re not late! Be ready 10 minutes early with your device and a solid internet connection.

Your Setup

  • Take the test at home using a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer.
  • Stay connected to the internet throughout the 45-minute exam.
  • You’ll face 30 multiple-choice questions – get ready for the challenge!

Key Rules to Remember

  • Make sure your internet’s strong. Keep your mobile data as a backup!
  • You’ll get a special link to the exam in your email. Supervisors get it too!
  • Your gear (like your computer and internet) is your responsibility. Make sure it’s all working!
  • If you run into any trouble and can’t finish on time, we’ll count the answers you’ve done.
  • Remember, sharing questions or answers with others is a big no-no.

Prizes & Certificates

  • Ace the test and you’re on your way to the Globals!
  • Prizes are just as described on our site and can’t be swapped or given to someone else.
  • Watch your email (and your supervisor’s too) for your certificate!

Fair Play Rules

  • Answer everything by yourself – no help from books, the internet, family, or friends!
  • Don’t use any dictionaries, printed or electronic.
  • Close all other apps and programs before starting, and no peeking at other sites or apps until you’re done.
  • Our system can tell if anyone tries to cheat. Play fair, or you’ll be out!
  • Keep your desk clear – no notes or study materials allowed.

About the Test

  • You’ve got 45 minutes for 30 questions. Once you start, the clock is ticking!
  • All questions are from our study materials.
  • No dictionary or outside help, please.
  • You can’t skip questions or go back to change answers.
  • Questions and options are mixed up for everyone.
  • Stay on the test page – don’t hit the browser’s “Back” button.
  • If your internet wobbles, just refresh and carry on from where you left off.
  • No stress for wrong answers, just do your best.
  • Keep an eye on the time – there’s a countdown on your screen.

After the Test

  • You’ll get your certificate by email in a week.
  • Remember to claim any prizes or discount codes by the deadline of the round you’d like to take.
  • Stay connected with us on social media for all the latest.

Good luck, Owlypians! We can’t wait to see how you do!