Khazar Huseynov

Khazaer Huseynov

It was the first time I participated in such a tournament. It was a big experience for me. I learned too many interesting and important things that I will need in my life and in my future. Owlypia also made me more confident and I started to believe in myself.
I was very nervous during the test but later I realized that there was nothing to worry about. I calmed down and continued to write my test.

At first, I didn’t believe in my eyes when I saw that I got the 2nd place in my favorite subject “Social Sciences”. But when I understood that it is not a lie, I was so happy and surprised, because I didn’t expect such a good result from myself. Owlympia also taught me that you should believe in yourself and never give up. If you work hard and if you believe in yourself, you will always succeed. Thank you for Owlypia for organizing such an interesting and good competition. I also want to thank my English teacher for suggesting me to take this test. One day, I hope that I can participate in Owlypia again!