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Owlypia Presentation 2023

Owlypia Presentation

Would you like to host an Owlypia competition?

We are looking for partner schools to host and organise Owlypia Online/Locals/Intellectuals’ Week events in different countries all around the world.

As a host partner school of Owlypia, you will have a chance to create a significant impact on your students’ academic success and social development. The Owlypia team is looking forward to working with prospective partners to make a significant difference in helping and encouraging students on their intellectual journey.

What are we offering?

We are currently offering three different programmes for Owlypia Partner Schools:

Owlypia Online is an online knowledge competition in the form of a multiple-choice exam. Young individuals compete with others internationally, showing their knowledge and skills in their favourite subject areas. By studying the content of each subject, the young minds prepare themselves.

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Owlypia Local is a two-day special event organized by a host school in their city/region/state locally. Students have the opportunity to join four different challenges in this two-day event. Host School will be promoting this event using the materials that Owlypia Team provides beforehand.

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Owlypia Intellectuals’ Week (OIW) is a week-long special event organized for students at host school premises where students get the chance to join numerous activities such as watching movies, reading books and articles, debating, attending workshops, and taking team challenges.

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COMPETITION FORMAT: Both Owlypia Locals and Owlypia Intellectuals’ Week can be organised Onsite and Virtually anytime throughout the year. Students aged 9-18 form a team of three and participate in either Owlypia Locals and/or Owlypia Intellectuals’ Week (OIW).

If you would like to host an Owlypia Local/Owlypia Intellectuals’ Week, please fill out the form HERE.  This form will provide us with information about your school’s/institution’s facilities in order to carry out a successful Owlypia Local/Owlypia Intellectuals’ Week. We are excited to inspire intellectual curiosity and improve academic success in young minds with your invaluable cooperation. Let’s unlock their potential, build self-confidence, develop collaborative teamwork skills and create new long-lasting friendships together!

Became a Partner School
Apply to become an Owlypia Partner School

The Benefits of Organising Owlypia Competition for Students

  • Help students explore new exciting educational activities in their school
  • Broaden students’ learning horizons out of the classroom
  • Encourage students to engage in a broader range of soft skills such as teamwork
  • Help students connect virtually with peers from other schools and countries other than their own
  • Help students design and personalize their learning experience
  • Help students access information and create their own learning experiences

The Benefits for Host Schools / Institutions

  • A great chance to introduce your institution to students with intellectual minds
  • An ideal community outreach to local schools highlighting a prestigious international competition
  • Discounts for various professional development programmes
  • An opportunity to be a member of our distinguished judging committee at Owlypia Global Rounds


Owlypia in summary

Owlypia has a different theme each year.
The theme of the academic year 2021/2022 is INNOVATION: What’s Next?

Owlypia is a subject-based competition that covers all curriculum subjects.

Art & Design Economics & Business Literature & Culture Science & Technology Social Sciences

Owlypia is a subject-based competition that covers all curriculum subjects. Each participant is expected to select their favourite subject and focus on it.

  • Films
  • Books
  • Videos
  • Articles & Blogs
  • Research People
1- Impromptu Challenge
It is a public speaking challenge where students give a speech on a certain topic without preparation. The students have one minute to prepare their speech and 2 minutes to deliver it.

2- Knowledge Challenge
You take a 60-minute multiple-choice test and answer 50 questions.

3- Pen Down Challenge
Think, brainstorm and debate with your teammates to prepare the best essay possible! Each team must ‘pen down’ their thoughts in an essay or story.

4- Speech Craft Challenge
This is a debate team challenge, where each team receives a topic and takes 10 minutes to brainstorm ideas on that topic. Each team member has to use his/her persuasive speaking skills to support his/her views about the topic.

5. Team Spirit Challenge
It is a fun quiz show with different rounds. The key to this challenge is working together. You answer several questions from the given resources.

Online Local Onsite Intellectuals’ Week

Students who win a medal in Online or Local Rounds, qualify for spectacular Owlypia Global Rounds.

  • Cambridge, UK
  • Boston, USA
  • Rotterdam, NL
  • Global Virtuals
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