As students continue to face difficulties in new learning environments, they’re also missing out the opportunity to participate in any extracurricular activities outside their schools. Moreover, distance learning has limited students’ opportunities to engage with one another, share thoughts and ideas, as well as broaden their knowledge in a specific field outside the school.

Different studies and surveys have concluded that what students really need during these pandemic times is socialization with fellow students and taking part in online clubs and other extracurricular activities. For teens, it is very important to stay active during these times, especially when they have the opportunity to do it with their friends.

Owlypia competition is trying to do exactly that. Bring students closer together in a friendly virtual environment and give them the chance to stay active and learn while having fun at the same time. While the world still faces the COVID-19 pandemic, Owlypia had to adapt and make sure that students continued to enjoy the benefits of extracurricular activities.

The Owlypia Competition is tailored for all students who are interested in developing their multi-disciplinary academic skills, share creative ideas, build self-confidence, develop collaborative teamwork skills, and create new friendships. Besides being a lot of fun, Owlypia Rounds provide the much-needed socialization element, while the activities also benefit students academically, personally, and professionally.

As students share their common interests, in Owlypia they may collaborate, compete, exchange ideas, and learn teamwork and leadership skills—all while they enjoy friendly social interaction in a virtual environment.

Owlypia collaborates with thousands of teachers all over the world who agree that the activities students find in this competition have a positive effect on student achievement. Through challenges that they find in Owlypia, students improve their writing and speaking in the English language. While using only English to communicate with their teammates they built confidence, and are able to learn a lot of new words related to the theme of the year.

However, not everyone learns at the same pace nor is everyone capable of working alone. This is why Owlypia has created a perfect platform where students can choose both their field of interest as well as the style of learning they prefer, be it with their friends or on their own. However, a sense of community and belonging is crucial for children not to feel the burden and anxiety brought upon the regular knowledge examination process.

Owlypia Online Rounds are perfect for those students who prefer to test their knowledge and creativity on their own. Where team input isn’t necessary and they can truly see what they can accomplish on their own.

Owlypia Local Rounds let students experience the beauty of working in a team; of learning how to combine different views on the same issue and combine them in the most creative ways. Local challenges allow participants to experience the joy of learning at a completely new competitive level. There are no punishments, only rewards. There is no wrong answer, only a different approach.

Owlypia Global Rounds allow for the brightest minds, from across the world, to come together and experience Owlypia at a whole different level. Global Rounds are held at the most prestigious, awe-worthy, institutions that showcase the true meaning of successful learning. These inspiring places allow for the most creative of ideas and most challenging tasks yet.

But Owlypia gives participants a lot more than just a gift of knowledge and learning; it gives them the freedom of creative thinking, of the true expression of their unique selves, an unforgettable experience, new friends from across the world, and most importantly a family for a lifetime.

Written by Blerta Zhara, Teacher