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organise an Owlypia Award Ceremony?

A Short Guideline for Owlypia Exam Centres (OWEX)

  • Print all certificates and report cards in advance (glossy and thick papers preferred)
  • Invite all your students, their families and friends
  • You can use our short videos during the ceremony
    (Have a look at our YouTube channel here!)
  • Deliver the certificates to all participants one by one
  • Take photos of students as individuals and in groups with their certificates
  • Share your best photos on social media using the hashtag #Owlypia
  • You can post your photos also on our Facebook wall here.

We wish you a fantastic event with lots of exciting moments with your students.

P.S: Your students can register for Owlypia-Globals with Early-Owl-Rates by 31.12.2018!

Owlypia Globals
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