Welcome to Owlypia Fast Track!

Quick Overview
Owlypia Fast Track is an exciting new addition to our range of Owlypia rounds, designed for students who are keen on a quicker, yet equally enriching academic challenge. This streamlined version of our traditional rounds offers a unique opportunity for students to test their knowledge and skills in a more concise format.

Owlypia Fast Track Rounds

25 May 2024

8 Jun 2024

22 Jun 2024

The exam starts at 09:00 AM GMT+0 and lasts for 45 minutes!

How Owlypia Fast Track Works

Shorter Study Period: The preparation time for Fast Track is significantly reduced, allowing students to dive into competition with a shorter commitment.

Focused Content: The study material is more focused, covering a smaller scope but maintaining the depth and quality Owlypia is known for.

Regular Competition Format: Fast Track follows the same competition format as regular Online Round, ensuring a familiar and fair competitive environment.

Who Can Participate?

Fast Track
is open to all students aged 9-18 who are looking for a swift and engaging academic challenge.

Young intellectuals participating in the competition should choose a subject of interest to focus on. The study resources provided include a variety of films, videos, books, and articles. To guide their research, participants will find thought-provoking questions associated with each subject as well.


Fast Track participants will receive assessment reports and certificates.
More importantly, they will qualify for the Owlypia Globals!

The Process

  1. The competition is open to participants students aged 9-11 (Owlins), 12-14 (Owlets), and 15-18 (Owlys).
  2. Participants will study the recommended resources provided on the Fast Track page.
  3. The total number of questions will be 30.
  4. A unique code/link for the online test will be sent to participants via email in advance.
  5. As the competition is entirely online, participants only need an internet connection and a suitable space. You can take the test in the comfort of your home.
  6. On the day of the examination, participants will simply follow the on-screen instructions!
  7. Watch out! During the test, there is no going back! Once an answer is selected and the participant clicks “next”, it cannot be changed or reviewed again!