Owlypia is a platform for young learners where learning and continuous intellectual growth are encouraged daily. Our familial community offers young curious minds a perfect environment for further development of their professional, academic, linguistic and social skills while concentrating on each participant’s personal growth and well-being. 

Each year we offer our Owlypians a different 21st century theme, in order to prepare them for success; offering them proper understanding and skills needed to prosper in today’s workplace and social life. This year we are discussing the importance of LEADERSHIP.

How does “leadership inspire the change”? We would love to hear the opinion of as many creative young minds as possible. Show us, show the world and most importantly show to yourself that your opinion matters and that it is heard. 

Since Owlypia is subject-based, in order to include everyone, we made sure to cover all curriculum subjects. 

Owlypia’s five main subjects are: 

– Art & Design

– Literature & Culture

– Economics & Business 

– Social Sciences 

– Science & Technology 

Each Owlypian chooses his/her favourite subject thus receiving an opportunity to learn more about the possible relevant success in both professional and academic life. We help you focus on the theme of the year through study resources that we provide for every subject. We offer you a fun new learning experience since our resources contain: films, books, videos, articles & blogs, research people and so much more.

Our goal is to help young intellectuals:

– think outside the box

– express themselves through creative writing 

– acquire a sense of community through collaborations 

– share their ideas with the world

– practice communicating their opinions without boundaries 

– enjoy the process of learning

and so much more… 

Are you ready to discover a new type of learning and a new type of competing? Challenge yourself in this incredible community through Owlypia Rounds: Online, Local and Global.

Win amazing awards, have fun, learn, meet new friends and become a part of an ever-growing community.

Owlypia is a place that is made for all of you; to help you grow and learn in an accepting community. Be your own unique self and continue growing with us. 

Join Owlypia family. 

Stay safe, stay curious!

Written by Amy Davis, Teacher