The indispensability and vitality of scientific knowledge and technological inventions are more than obvious at all aspects of life these days. Therefore, contemporary society is not characterised by more than anything else but Science & Technology and its importance is demonstrated in the daily lives of people. Science & Technology encourages to improve the quality of education, increasing the interest in science creating a technologically literate workforce and providing recognition for outstanding achievements by students.

Subcategories: Life Sciences, Innovation, and Engineering

You are expected to do research on the theme of the year, “Leadership: Inspire Change”, in the context of Science & Technology. You may find the recommended resources below.

The study resources contain several movies and videos to watch, books and articles to read, topics to research, and questions to sharpen your knowledge.


  • Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell (2008)


  • The Chorus (2004)
  • Gladiator (2000)
  • The Dark Knight (2008)



  • How Great Leaders Inspire Action by Simon Sinek
  • The 6 Leadership Principles as TESLA & SPACEX via Elon Musk
  • Inspiring the Next Generation of Female Engineers by Debbie Sterling
  • Great Leadership Starts with Self-Leadership by Lars Sudmann
  • How Art, Technology, and Design Inform Creative Leaders by John Maeda
  • Six Paradoxes of Leadership: Tech-Savvy Humanist (by Youtube Channel PwC)
  • The Neuroscience of Leadership by Thomas Maak  


  • African Science Needs More Leaders – Here’s How to Develop Them by Bernard Slippers and Eva Alisic
  • Alexander Graham Bell (by Editors) 
  • How a Computer Science Background Makes You a Better Leader by Laurence Bradford
  • Novel Fabric Could Turn Perspiration Into Power by Bethany Brookshire
  • Why Scientists Should Have Leadership Skills by Rowan Brookes, Bob Wong & Susie Ho
  • What Science Tells Us About Leadership Potential by Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic
  • The Explosive Origins of the Nobel Prizes by Juan Jose Sanchez Arreseigor


Explore the following people:

  • PewDiePie
  • Avicenna
  • Jennifer Anne Doudna

Thought-Provoking Questions

  • What is the connection between science & technology and leadership?
  • Why should leaders know about science & technology? 
  • What aspects of science & technology are relevant for leaders? What can it teach them? 
  • Why should people working in science & technology know about leadership?
  • What aspects of leadership are relevant for people working in science & technology?  What can it teach them? 
  • What are the different categories of science & technology? (For example: AI, computer science, environmental science, game design… etc) 
  • Who are some historical figures that we can learn about the connection between science & technology and leadership by studying? 
  • Who are the leaders in science & technology today that are role models for leaders?
  • How do cultural factors in individual countries affect the science & technology and leadership connection?


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