The indispensability and vitality of scientific knowledge and technological inventions are more than obvious at all aspects of life these days. Therefore, contemporary society is not characterised by more than anything else but Science & Technology and its importance is demonstrated in the daily lives of people. Science & Technology encourages to improve the quality of education, increasing the interest in science creating a technologically literate workforce and providing recognition for outstanding achievements by students.

Subcategories: Life Sciences, Innovation, and Engineering

You are expected to do research on the theme of the year, “Creativity: Beyond the Borders”, in the context of Science & Technology. You may find the recommended resources below.

The study resources contain several movies and videos to watch, books and articles to read, topics to research, and questions to sharpen your knowledge.


  • Innovation Generation:
    How to Produce Creative and Useful Scientific Ideas by Roberta B. Ness
  • How to Fly a Horse:
    The Secret History of Creation, Invention, and Discovery by Kevin Ashton


  • October Sky (1999)
  • The Imitation Game (2014)
  • Hidden Figures (2016)


Explore the following below:

  • Albert Einstein
  • Marie Curie
  • Nikola Tesla

Thought-Provoking Questions

  • Is creativity a purely human characteristic?
  • Why is creativity an essential step in human development?
  • Is creativity something a person is born with, as a part of a biological makeup of an individual, or is it something that is acquired and developed through life?
  • Can creativity be correlated with the activity of specific areas of the brain?
  • Based on famous examples of successful scientists; do you think that creativity is a prerequisite for true innovation?
  • Which one contributes more to innovation in science and technology: intelligence or creativity?
  • How would you improve your creative problem-solving skills?
  • What are your opinions on the capability of contemporary education to nurture creativity in students?
  • Do you think you are able to adequately express your creativity through science and technology?
  • Is modern technology destroying or fostering creativity?
  • What would be some actions you would undertake to overcome a creative constraint?
  • What technological and scientific innovations were inspired by science fiction?


Creativity: Beyond the Borders” is the theme of the year 2018-2019! Owlypia has five main subjects and Common Ground.

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