Sofia Huseynli

This year was my first experience in Owlypia. It really helped me to improve my leadership skills and my Social status. Owlypia showed me something that I would never see myself. This is more than a competition, this is learning through fun. Everyone writes about what Owlypia improved in them, but I am going to write what Owlypia gave me and how my perspective has changed after it.
To tell the truth, at the beginning I did not take this completion into serious. For someone maybe it’s a real competition where they want to show to everyone how smart they are.
For me it’s just a good experience in my life that I really do not want to forget. I am happy that I was in top 15. It is really great. Moreover, I’m really thankful to my teachers Gunel Hasanova first of all and Gulana Alieva. Without them, none of this would happen in my life.

Finally, there is one more thing that I want to say. It is not for my teachers, not for my classmates and even not for Owlypia. It is for someone who didn’t get any place in the competition. I am sorry for that, but, never, and never give up. That is okay. That kind of things happen in life. You think the person who created Owlypia has never made any mistakes? You are wrong. Everyone might fail something in life. You know what? It’s life, so it is okay.
Thanks Owlypia, for this great experience!!!