Team Challenges

Groups of three students come together, forming a team to embark on an intellectually stimulating journey across all challenges. Each member plays a crucial role in every challenge, ensuring a holistic team effort.

Diverse Teams, Unified Goals
Embrace the opportunity to team up with students from various schools or countries, creating a diverse melting pot of ideas and perspectives.

General Guidelines for Success
Timely Registrations: Ensure all team registrations are completed by the specified deadlines for each Owlypia Local and Global event, as listed on our website.

Team Composition: Teams can consist of two or three students. While two-member teams are welcome, they may face certain disadvantages in the final rankings.

Full Participation: Each team member must actively participate in all five events to ensure a well-rounded performance.

Scoring System: The final rankings consider both individual brilliance and team synergy, highlighting the importance of every contribution.

Awards and Recognition: Participants can earn up to three medals – one each for the Knowledge Challenge, a combined one for the Pen Down and Team Spirit Challenges, and another for the Speech-Craft and Impromptu Challenges.

Final Decisions: All judgments made are final. Interpretations of these guidelines rest solely with Owlypia and are not subject to change upon complaints.

Photo Rights: Owlypia reserves the right to use event photos for educational and promotional purposes, including publications on websites, social media, and future contest promotions, without compensation.

Knowledge Challenge

Welcome to the big quiz where you get to focus on your favourite subject! At registration, pick the subject you love most, and all your quiz questions will be about it. These fun questions might be a bit tricky, with hints and twists.


  • You’ll have your quiz in a designated room, assigned by our staff.
  • Get ready for a 60-minute multiple-choice test all about your chosen subject and this year’s theme.
  • It’s a solo challenge, so no help is allowed.
  • Your team’s score adds up from everyone’s individual scores.
  • Here’s a fun twist: it’s not just about getting the right answers. Each question has different points, so think smart!

Pen Down Challenge

Welcome to the Owlypia Pen Down Challenge, where your team’s imagination, creativity, and collaborative skills are put to the test. Get ready to brainstorm, debate, and create the best essay or story possible!

Guidelines for a Masterpiece

  1. Topic Selection: Align your writing with the theme of the year. Choose one from the three provided topics that resonates with your team the most.
  2. Brainstorming Session: You have 60 minutes to brainstorm and organize your ideas collectively. Utilize all available resources – research materials, internet access, and team discussions – to shape your thoughts.
  3. Writing Time: Within the same 60 minutes, your team must ‘pen down’ your collaborative essay or story.
  4. Submission Process: At the end of the allotted time, submit your work to the proctors. Timeliness is key – submissions are not accepted before or after the designated timeframe.
  5. Originality is Crucial: Plagiarism is strictly forbidden. Teams found guilty of plagiarism will be disqualified and will not receive points for this challenge.
  6. Stay Within the Zone: Unless in cases of emergency, leaving the Pen Down Challenge area during the challenge is not allowed. For any exceptions, contact a staff member immediately.
  7. Page Limit: You have a total of 2 pages for your essay or story. Make every word count!
  8. Clarity Matters: Write as clearly and legibly as possible. Your words need to be understood to be appreciated.

Scoring Criteria for Excellence

  • Content: 20% – Depth and relevance of ideas.
  • Organization: 15% – How well your ideas are structured.
  • Development: 15% – Elaboration and supporting details.
  • Grammar/Structure: 15% – Correctness and clarity of language.
  • Creativity: 15% – Originality and inventiveness.
  • Legibility: 10% – Readability of handwriting.
  • Overall Impression: 10% – The general impact of the piece.

Speech-Craft Challenge

Welcome to the Speech Craft Challenge, a dynamic platform where speaking, reading, and critical thinking come together. Here, you will explore and articulate both sides of an argument, preparing to persuasively defend either stance.

Guidelines for a Compelling Speech

Preparation Time: You will have 7 minutes to prepare your topic before the speeches commence.

Speech Order and Duration: Participants speak one after the other in front of judges. Each speech should be no less than one minute and no more than two minutes. Use of cue cards and notes is permitted.

Breaks Between Speakers: A 1-minute break will follow each speaker, allowing a brief pause for judges and audiences.

Random Order and Presence: The speaking order is randomly assigned before the challenge. Teams must stay in the room throughout the challenge, even when waiting for their turn.

Topic Allocation: Teams will receive their allocated topic while waiting in the room.

Timing: The clock starts as soon as the speaker begins talking. The head judge will indicate when there are “30 SECONDS LEFT” at the 90th second.

Independent Presentation: No coaching or prompting is allowed during the speech.

Audience Etiquette: Other contestants are welcome to observe as audience members. The audience must remain seated and silent during presentations and extend courtesy at all times.

Effective Use of Time: It’s not the length, but the impact and conviction of your words that matter. Convey your message convincingly within the allotted time.

Rebuttals: After all speeches, one team member from each team will have 2 minutes for rebuttals.

Scoring Criteria for Impactful Oratory

Content (25%): Resourcefulness, logical flow, creativity, and idea development.

Accuracy (25%): Clarity, grammar, appropriate language use, and pronunciation.

Delivery (25%): Physical appearance, body language, voice volume, and fluency.

Organization (25%): Coherence, structure, effective rebuttal, and clarity of message.

Impromptu Challenge

Get ready for the Owlypia Impromptu Challenge, a thrilling platform where your quick thinking and effective communication skills will truly shine! In this challenge, you will experience the excitement of organizing your thoughts swiftly and delivering them within a constrained time frame. Here’s what you need to know:

Guidelines for the Impromptu Challenge

Starting the Challenge: You will start in an order determined by the Owlypia staff and go to the designated classrooms.

Topic Selection: Topics are selected randomly from an envelope. Once a topic is picked, it won’t be returned, ensuring unique speeches in each room.

Preparation Time: You will have 60 seconds to prepare your speech after drawing a topic card. Use this time wisely to structure your thoughts.

Speech Aids: While blank papers are available for organizing ideas, costumes, props, phones, and other electronic devices are not allowed.

Speech Duration: The maximum time for each speech is two minutes, with a minimum of 60 seconds. Stay within this timeframe to avoid penalties.

Timing and Topic Mention: Time starts when you begin speaking. Ensure you state your chosen topic early in your speech following the judge’s sign.

Time Warning: The head judge will indicate when you have “30 SECONDS LEFT” at the 90th second.

Independence: No coaching or prompting is allowed during your presentation.

Audience Participation: Fellow contestants are welcome as audience members, promoting a learning environment. Audience etiquette is crucial.

Scoring Criteria

Content (25%): Your resourcefulness, logical flow, creativity, and idea development.

Accuracy (25%): Clarity, grammar, appropriate language use, and pronunciation.

Delivery (25%): Your appearance, body language, voice volume, and fluency.

Organization (25%): How well you structure your speech, coherence, cohesion, and clarity of message.

Team Spirit Challenge

Get ready for the thrilling Team Spirit Challenge at Owlypia! This challenge is all about collaboration, quick thinking, and strategic decision-making.

Here’s what you need to know

Team Spirit Challenge: A Test of Unity and Speed

Team Effort: This is a multiple-choice challenge where working together as a team is key. You’ll all participate in the main hall, using clickers to answer questions.

Common Ground Focus: Every question comes from the Common Ground section, so it’s all about the knowledge you share as a team.

Strategic Choices: The questions vary in difficulty and points. You’ll need to think strategically, connecting different topics to find the right answers.

Collaborative Decision-Making: You’ll answer as a team. Discuss quickly and click on the option you all agree on.

Escalating Challenge: Each question will be more challenging than the last, making this the most mind-blowing part of your Owlypia experience!

Race Against Time: Be swift! You are competing against the clock to click the correct answer before time runs out.

Enjoy the Learning Journey!

Remember, making mistakes is all part of learning. Don’t worry about them. Focus on enjoying the experience and working together with your teammates.

This challenge is not just about how much you know, but about how well you can work under pressure and make decisions as a team. We can’t wait to see how you all perform and grow together through this exciting challenge.

Community Engagement Challenge

Embrace Community Impact with Owlypia
At Owlypia, we’re excited to introduce a new dimension to our Global Round – an optional Community Engagement Challenge. This innovative challenge is designed to inspire students to step beyond the classroom, connect with their communities and make a positive impact through social responsibility projects, no matter what size they may be. Participants will create a short video showcasing their involvement in community projects, social initiatives, or any form of positive social contribution.

Why Participate in the optional Community Engagement Challenge?
Make a Difference: It’s an opportunity for students to contribute to their community and the global one at large, fostering a sense of social responsibility and civic engagement.
Develop Valuable Skills: This challenge helps develop skills like teamwork, communication, planning, and empathy – essential for personal and professional growth.
Creative Freedom: Students can explore various forms of social projects, from environmental initiatives to community welfare, showcasing their creativity and passion.

Challenge Guidelines:
Short Video Submission: Create a compelling video, no longer than 3 minutes, capturing your community engagement experience.
Focus on Impact: Highlight how your project positively affects the community and what you’ve learned from the experience.
Be Original and Authentic: We encourage original ideas and genuine interactions within your projects.

Who Can Participate?
The optional Community Engagement Challenge is open to all students participating in the Owlypia Global Round who wish to participate. We encourage teams and individuals alike to take part in this meaningful journey.

Are You Ready to be a Changemaker?
Join the Community Engagement Challenge at the next Owlypia Global Round and be part of a movement that celebrates community spirit, innovation, and social responsibility!