Mythri Nair

Mythri Nair I chose tha Art & Design topic for the Owlypia exam. There was some interesting topics that I

Saif Faghihy

Saif Faghihy My Owlypia experience so far has been truly amazing. Though it was my first time participating in Owlypia,

Jiho Ahn

Jiho Ahn It was the first for me to join this kind of competition. When I decide to participate in

Sofia Huseynli

Sofia Huseynli This year was my first experience in Owlypia. It really helped me to improve my leadership skills and

Sofia Faghihy

Sofia Faghihy Owlypia has been an epic journey. I have enjoyed every minute studying the research topic, articles, films, and

Arnav Kedia

Arnav Kedia The Owlypia competition was a fantastic way foe me to learn more about the real word and develop

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