Do you love exploring new ideas, pushing your intellectual boundaries, and discovering exciting topics?

If yes, Owlypia is just for you!

Our motto at Owlypia is “Challenge your limits intellectually!

We’re all about helping you develop your research skills and boosting your academic confidence.

We want to inspire you to ask bold questions, pursue your interests, and believe in your academic abilities.

You will be reading exciting books and motivating articles, watching inspiring films and videos, and doing research on amazing people.

Fast Track is an exciting new addition to our range of Owlypia rounds.

Embrace the world of digital interaction and compete with peers!

Elevate your abilities by tackling challenges in your local community!

Go beyond local; join the regional contest and unlock new insights!

Find inspiration in memorable sessions and unforgettable excursions!

Ready to dive in?

Young thinkers!

Delve into your favourite subject and give it a genuine effort.

Let your passion be the beacon that guides you to greatness!

We have curated resources, from captivating films to insightful articles, to fuel your students’ passion along with thought-provoking questions tailored for each subject – they’re their compass for deeper exploration!

Our carefully selected challenges are designed to enhance students’ soft skills while ensuring a fun and engaging experience.