Portrait of pupils looking at globe while listening to teacher during geography lesson

“Teachers are the best leaders in life, even better than parents”. Of course, this is a right statement. Teachers and masters have a great position in this world and they are very spectacular mankind whom you can follow. We consider our teachers as great inspiring leaders because the reason for our high knowledge and grandeur is obviously them. They are in a higher place than parents. Despite the fact that we know the teachers the main leaders, our parents are also the first teachers for us but they are emotional when we are going to do something they afraid of our suffering at that work. Moreover, the parents are very kind, but teachers always push us to go forward; never afraid of problems that face us.

Furthermore, educators lead and show the right way for us. And for the realization of our dreams teachers can help us. Teachers are people who can support us in difficult times and inspire us for the best future. Only with the help of teachers, we can be a leader and we can be a successful person. We can say that teacher is a person who always wants our benefit. Teachers are maybe just a teacher to the world, but to their students, they are a star.

Sometimes we wonder and say: “How the teachers are so great people and know everything?” The answer is their great experience. Great experiences great problems and their great education made them such leaders. They are guides of our life. They are friend, parent, and teacher at once for us. Sometimes it seems as if they know and hear our inner wishes because they are also psychologists too. They know everything from their pupils’ eyes, behaviours and challenges. The best teachers are those who show us where to look but don’t tell us what to see. The teachers take a hand, open a mind, and touch a heart!

In my mind, teachers are like gardeners and pupils are like trees or flowers. And, when they look after the trees or flowers as better as they can, they can get a good harvest. Teachers are like candles they burn themselves but shine others. It means they dive to pupils what they know. They are like the sun because their rays show us the right way and grow up us like educated, knowledgeable, and brave people. 

Teachers are worth every word that I mentioned and it doesn’t mean that everything depends on them. We should also try to work hard too in order to return their hard works and inspiration guiding into reality because we know that clap happens with two hands. A good education can change anyone, but a good teacher can change everything. A teacher with the ability to inspire students is the type of teacher who will be long remembered. In conclusion, we have to respect our teachers forever. Love and worth them till the end of time and never forget how our greatness started and also from WHOM! Always use from their knowledge helpfully, because the teachers are great inspiring leaders. 

Written by Jahongir Yakubov, Teacher